Night time calculator 1.4.2

16/08/2015 11:01
New version will hit the AppStore shortly. The new definition of night will be implemented (SS + 15 min and SR - 15 min).

Flight calculator 1.2.6

16/08/2015 10:59
New version of Flight calculator is also avialable at the AppStore for 2 month. It brings few visual improvements.

Month planner 1.0.1

16/08/2015 10:57
New version is avialable at the AppStore for 2 month. It fixes few bugs

Month planner 1.0

15/06/2015 19:24
New app is available at the AppStore. This time it is not app related to flying but finance.

Night time calculator 1.4.1

08/04/2015 21:04
New version should hit the appStore at the end of the week. When calculating flight night time, the app will show day time and total time also. This update was made because of user's feedback.

Flight calculator 1.2.5

06/02/2015 14:57
Version 1.2.4 just hit the AppStore, but another bug was found so we are preparing new version a we try to do deliver it as soon as possible.

Flight calculator 1.2.4

06/02/2015 08:51
New version will be available this week at the AppStore. It brings few interface improvements and solves few iOS 8 bugfixes.

Night time calculator 1.4.0

15/12/2014 19:46
New version is at the AppStore. You can choose the definition of night time in the settings. 

Night time calculator 1.4.0

09/12/2014 21:42
New version is in testing phase right now. It will be possible to choose your definition of night time. If everything goes good, it will at the AppStore next week.

Flight calculator 1.2.3

09/12/2014 12:38
The new version is available. iPad users can choose the preferred orientation for notes in Settings/Flight calc
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