Flight calculator manual

General information:

  • To change to day mode or night mode swipe left or right on the bottom bar.
  • All input data are meant to be as indicated (indicated altutude, indicated speed) if it is not otherwise specified.
  • The result data are separated by two gray lines. The input is above.
  • The units for all data can be changed by tapping at it (the basic rule is: it is blue, it will react to your tap)
  • When the decimal keyboard is shown it is possible to delete whole text in textfield by longpress of the backspace button.
  • QNH field is for entering the altimeter settings, If the plane flies on the standard pressure (QNE),  enter 1013,25 if not stated otherwise.
  • iPad only: in Settings/Flight calc you can choose your preffered orientation for Notes


  • OAT Outside Ambient Temperature
  • IAS Indicated Air Speed
  • CAS Calibrated Air Speed
  • TAS True Air Speed
  • GS Ground Speed
  • GS(TAS) Ground Speed calculated only from TAS. (wind effect not included)
  • CRS Course
  • HDG Heading
  • WD Wind Direction
  • WS Wind Speed
  • W. C. A. Wind Coorection Angle

Basic calculator:

             Add/Subtract time:

  • It is possible to add new line by taping "Tap for new line button". To delete line use swipe to delete gesture
  • If the line shows the pluss sign, it is added and vice verse. The sign can be changed by tapping at it.
  • Press Reset to restore to original state (two lines with zero value).


             True Air Speed calculation:

  • The OAT is corrected (by subtraction of dynamic part of temperature). The corrected (static) temperature is shown at result field (OAT (cor)).
  • If the temperature used for calculation is static. It is neccesary to change the value of OAT until the OAT (cor) equals to temperature. Our team is looking for better solution of this problem.

            Fly by Turn Distance calculation:

  • It is used to calculate the distance ahead of point where the heading is going to be changed. The plane does not fly over the point, it flies fly by.


Altitude calculator:

            True Altitude calculation:

  • The QNH of the closest airfield must be filled only if the altimeter is set to QNE, other wise the zero shall be here.
  • If the airfield elevation (from which QNH was obtained) is unknown the zero can be set. But the calculation precision will be deteriorated.


Wind calculator:



Fuel calculator:

  • The fuel type and its temperature must be chosen only if the consumption is set as weight units and fuel amount as volume units (and vice versa).
  • If the units for fuel amount and consumption are both set at volume or weight the calculation is independent of fuel type and temperature. The same rule is valid for Fuel Amount Converter.
  • In Fuel config it is possible to create own fuel or modify default ones. The density must be set for 15°C/59°F. The Beta is the volume thermal expansion factor. If Beta is set to zero, the calculation are independent of temperature.


(Unit) Converter:

            The Coordinates converter

  • Tap to pick or change the coordinate from map .to place a red pin. Then press Done to save changes or Cancel to discard the changes of the coordinates. (Only to find your current gps position is not enough for capturing the coordinates, you always need to place a red pin)

Notes (iPad only):

  •  After pressing save the data are saved to the user images folder.

StopWatch (iPad only):

  • Tap on button to log the time for appropriate action.
  • After pressing save the data are saved to the user images folder.