Flight calculator 1.2.3

25/11/2014 21:41
New version is at testing phase. It improves the Notes section for Landscape. From this version you will be able to choose in settings what is your favourite orientation and the Notes section will adaptate to it.

Flight calculator 1.2.2

21/11/2014 16:39
New version is available at the AppStore. It brings the landscape support for iPad version and minor bug fixes for all versions.

Flight calculator 1.2.2

09/11/2014 20:12
Flight calculator 1.2.1 hit the appStore last week. And the 1.2.2 is in testing phase right now. The most significant change will be the autoration function for iPad version. (So the it will be possible to use the application in landscape mode)

Flight calculator iOS 8

05/11/2014 22:31
If you have problem with localization services in Coordinates/Map section. Please go to Settings, Privacy and turn on localization services for Flight Calc manually. The issue will be solved with 1.2.2  update

Flight calculator 1.2.1

02/11/2014 16:09
New version of Flight Calculator should be next week at AppStore. It brings visual improvements, mostly for iPad, but there are some also for iPhone version


05/10/2014 12:30
Apple is overwhelmed with updates of apps after iOS 8 so our updates can take little bit longer. We apologize for that, even though the mistake is not at our side.

Night time calculator 1.3.8

25/09/2014 22:31
New version will be avialable next week. iOS 8 support.

Flight calculator 1.2.0

25/09/2014 22:29
New version of the app will be available at the appStore next week. It solves iOS 8 support and improves night time mode.

Flight calculator 1.1.3

20/08/2014 13:05
New version is available at the AppStore.

Night time calculator 1.3.6

20/08/2014 12:59
New version will hit the AppStore this week. It solves the problem with the about page on 4 inch display.
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