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Flight night time 1.4.8

17/08/2020 20:43
New version of the app is already at the AppStore. The initial Android version can be also found at the Play Store

Flight calculator 1.3.5

29/02/2020 20:51
New version coming immediatelly after wthe previous one. Solving issue when darkmode is active.

Flight calculator 1.3.4

29/02/2020 13:58
After a long time a new update is coming soon. It resolves the issues that were present at new iphones and new ipads

Flight calculator 1.3.1

11/04/2016 21:44
New version of the app is currenlty in testing phase. It will add PNR (Point of No Return) and CP (Critical Point) calculations.

Updates for all applications can be expected

07/02/2016 10:03
Flight calculator 1.3.0, Night Calculator 1.4.5 and Month Planner 1.0.4 are currently waiting for Apple review and should be available within two weeks for download. All updates bring few bug fixes and resolve the issues with app icons at some devices.

Night calculator 1.4.4

22/11/2015 21:29
New version will hit the appStore within two weeks. After user's request the result of night time calculation contains an information whether the landing was at night or at day.

Flight calculator 1.2.9

01/11/2015 18:34
New version was released. The milimeters (mm) were added as a unit after user's request. And it fixes small bug fix as well

All apps

01/11/2015 18:32
New version was released. In generall, it was only internal change because of iOS 9.0

All apps

23/09/2015 16:56
Currently we are testing all three apps to be compatible with iOS 9. There is no problem with current version. But some changes had to be made to follow Apple's guidelines for iOS 9.

Month planner 1.0.2

17/08/2015 11:59
New version will be released soon. It fixes few bugs.
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